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Tool Time from PPLBOTS: WhatsApp for Bullhorn from Konversable - Webinar Recap

In responding to a modern recruitment landscape and changing candidate expectations, effective communication stands as a critical cornerstone of success. The ability to engage swiftly and efficiently with candidates and clients can make or break a placement. However, are you fully utilising all the tools at your disposal? If you're not harnessing the potential of WhatsApp in your recruitment business, you might be missing out on a transformative opportunity.

We recently hosted Wes Beard from Konversable in a webinar to explore the remarkable capabilities of WhatsApp in the realm of recruitment. In this recap, we'll delve into the key insights from that conversation, including ethical considerations, and why WhatsApp should be your go-to channel for candidate and client interactions.

You can rewatch the webinar here:

The WhatsApp Advantage

Let's start with the fundamentals. WhatsApp isn't confined to personal conversations or keeping in touch with friends; it's a potent business tool, especially in the realm of recruitment. In fact, it's rapidly becoming the preferred mode of communication for people of all generations. As Wes highlighted, a staggering 90% of millennials and Gen Z individuals favour WhatsApp as their primary communication medium. This statistic alone underscores the enormous potential of WhatsApp for engaging with candidates from these age groups.

Beyond Live Chat: Unleashing WhatsApp's Potential

WhatsApp offers something that traditional live chat options simply can't match – continuity. Unlike live chat, which concludes when the session ends, WhatsApp conversations can continue beyond the initial interaction. This means that you can maintain ongoing communication with candidates and clients, nurturing relationships and providing support over time.

However, it's not merely a matter of convenience. As a responsible recruiter, you have a duty of care towards your team. Recruiters frequently encounter inappropriate messages and abuse on their personal WhatsApp accounts. By incorporating WhatsApp into your official communication channels, you provide a secure and professional environment for your team.

Streamlined Candidate Communication

Recruitment hinges on speed and efficiency. Swiftly reaching out to candidates and keeping them engaged throughout the process is paramount. With WhatsApp integration, achieving this becomes effortless.

Imagine having a new job opportunity to announce. Instead of sending out a bulk email that might get lost in an inbox, you can use WhatsApp to broadcast the opportunity to a list of potential candidates. With the ability to schedule messages in advance, you can ensure candidates receive the information at their most convenient time, thereby increasing the likelihood of a response.

Automation: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Recruiters often find themselves bogged down by repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up messages or pre-qualifying candidates. WhatsApp enables you to automate these processes, freeing up your team to focus on more value-added activities.

Konversable offers a chatbot feature that allows recruiters to create automated workflows. For instance, you could establish a workflow to collect candidate feedback on their experience, automatically segmenting candidates based on their responses. This not only saves time but also provides valuable data for refining your recruitment process.

Ethical Considerations: GDPR Compliance and Protecting Staff

While WhatsApp is a powerful tool, its adoption in recruitment also raises crucial ethical considerations. GDPR compliance is paramount, especially when handling personal data. By integrating WhatsApp into your official communication channels, you ensure that candidate data is processed in accordance with data protection regulations, safeguarding both your candidates' privacy and your organisation's compliance.

Additionally, recruiters often face inappropriate messages and abuse over their personal WhatsApp accounts. Providing a professional environment for your team, where communication is channelled through official channels, is not just a matter of convenience but also of duty towards your staff's well-being.

Understanding WhatsApp Costs

Of course, nothing comes for free, and WhatsApp is no exception. WhatsApp charges for business-initiated messages, with costs varying by market. Generally, these charges range from six to eight pence per message in the UK. However, this cost covers a full conversation, not individual messages. This makes it a cost-effective option, especially when considering the high open rates enjoyed by WhatsApp messages.

Looking Ahead: Integrations and Automation

As revealed in the conversation with Wes Beard, Konversable is continuously exploring ways to enhance its integration with Bullhorn and other CRMs. They are committed to providing a seamless experience for recruiters, making it even easier to harness WhatsApp for recruitment purposes.

Moreover, automation plays a pivotal role in the future of WhatsApp for recruitment. Integrating webhooks to trigger WhatsApp messages based on CRM activity holds immense potential. Picture re-engaging with a candidate who has gone cold, all without manual intervention. The possibilities for accelerating time-to-hire are substantial.

Unlocking Recruitment Success with WhatsApp

In conclusion, WhatsApp transcends personal conversations; it's an invaluable tool for recruiters. Leveraging WhatsApp can help you streamline communication, automate processes, and provide a secure environment for your team.

If you haven't already integrated WhatsApp into your recruitment strategy, it's high time to explore its possibilities. As the preferred communication channel for a growing number of candidates, it offers a unique opportunity for effective and efficient engagement.

Bear in mind that the recruitment landscape is evolving, and those who adapt and embrace innovative tools like WhatsApp will be best positioned for success. WhatsApp isn't just a messaging app; it's a recruitment game-changer. Don't miss out.

If you're ready to unlock the power of WhatsApp for your recruitment agency, get in touch with Konversable and discover how you can elevate your communication game.


Thank you for reading our recap of the Konversable webinar on WhatsApp for Bullhorn Users. If you found this information valuable, stay tuned for more insights and webinars on the latest recruitment tools and strategies.



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