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Botcasters Episode 36: Recruitment Chatbots ft. Martyn Redstone

Recently, I joined Doron Themans on the Botcasters Podcast.

In our discussion, we delved into various topics, one of which was the critical role of chatbots in the recruitment and HR sphere. As someone with years of experience in this field, I can't emphasise enough how vital the candidate experience is in the overall recruitment journey.

The future of recruitment lies in harnessing the full potential of technology. As the industry continues to evolve, we are seeing a transformative shift in how technology, especially chatbots, enhances the recruitment process and significantly improves user engagement.

To give you an example of a chatbot in action, in the video below, we tested the MGM Resorts recruitment bot. This hands-on experience was an excellent opportunity to examine how a well-implemented chatbot can streamline and optimise the recruitment process.



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