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For Recruitment Technology Vendors

Consulting for Your Clients

After speaking with dozens of recruitment chatbot and conversational AI technology vendors, their challenges are clear. Most lack the internal capability to consult with their clients on how to create a successful conversational experience and, therefore, help their clients get the most out of the technology. pplbots can do this for you, without you having to lift a finger.

Working with us will enable you to:

  • Spend your time on your marketing, sales, and product, not building client solutions

  • Get happy clients using your product with great success - delivering case studies and referrals

  • Create self-sufficient clients with the right skills needed to design and implement conversational experiences using your product


Consulting for Your Business

Are you struggling to understand where the next frontier of conversational technologies is or want to look into the future and create a roadmap - maybe create a solution that nobody else in the market is offering? Or just maybe you want to find out what the realms of possibility are when it comes to conversational technologies.

  • We will help you think differently about what is possible with conversational technologies, the challenges, and the problems that can be solved. And where (and when) your roadmap needs to take these into consideration.


Marketing for Your Business

We can help you create marketing content, focussed on Conversational AI, to help your businesses increase awareness, which leads to lead generation.

  • Written content

  • Interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Live demos

  • In person events


Advisory Services

Do you require an experienced advisor to work with you on an ongoing basis?

With over 17 years of experience in the recruitment industry and several years working with chatbots and conversational AI tech, as well as experience working with startups, scaleups and larger enterprise businesses.

With a range of experience, I have worked on an advisory basis with technology startups on various subjects - product, operations, GTM and Sales & Marketing

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