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Martyn Redstone: Technology Evangelist and Strategic Innovator

A dynamic and forward-thinking technology evangelist, I bring almost two decades of expertise in pioneering business transformation through AI and emerging technologies. With a rich background in engineering, recruitment and HR technology, a deep passion for Conversational AI and a growing professional interest in Generative AI, I've dedicated my career to fostering innovation and building impactful partnerships for business growth. My journey through the realms of HR technology, chatbots, Conversational AI and Generative AI has positioned me as the leading subject matter expert, and I'm ready to contribute significantly to Reality Labs' mission.

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Vision for Immersive Technologies

My excitement for the future of immersive technology gets stronger and stronger with each passing week. From the intuitive interactions made possible through chatbots to the groundbreaking advancements in Generative AI and large language models, I am deeply passionate about the role these technologies play in shaping our digital future. I see a future where both work and personal lives are augmented and enhanced by humans and technology working together as one, with the interaction being both immersive and driven by natural language.


I'm a regular user of my Quest for productivity and entertainment and I believe that this is a testament to my belief in the transformative power of immersive experiences, which offer a glimpse into the endless possibilities of the future of human-computer interaction.

Plus, I'm regularly mistaken for Andrew (Boz) Bosworth.


Subject Matter Expertise and Evangelism


As the leading advocate for the transformative power of AI and conversational technologies in recruitment and HR, I've dedicated myself to not only mastering these fields but also sharing this knowledge with a global audience. My recent participation as a guest on various podcasts underscores my role as a thought leader in Conversational and Generative AI. In these podcast episodes, I delve into the current state and future potential of AI technologies, offering insights into how they're reshaping industries and human interactions. I also get in the nitty-gritty of how the technology works as well as the benefits to the business and their end users. This engagement is a testament to my commitment to evangelising cutting-edge technologies, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Presenting to Senior Execs

Engaging with senior executives requires not only a deep understanding of technology but also the ability to convey complex ideas in a compelling and accessible manner. Some of my presentations, available on YouTube, showcase my ability to do just that. Addressing rooms of industry leaders, I explore the strategic significance of AI and other technologies, illustrating how they can drive business transformation and competitive advantage. These presentations exemplify my expertise in making the case for technological adoption at the highest levels of business leadership.

Below is a recent presentation I delivered to a room of 50 Recruitment and HR leaders from leading FTSE 100 companies, as well as the Public Sector.

Facilitating Events

One of my core strengths lies in creating and leading events that not only inform but also inspire participants. A prime example is a series of webinars I organised and hosted for a leading tech recruitment company, available here. These events brought together experts in the field of recruitment and technology to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities. My role as host and facilitator allowed me to guide the conversation, ensuring that the content was relevant, engaging, and actionable for all attendees. This experience highlights my capability to bridge the gap between technology and its practical application in the business world.

A standout moment in my career was serving as the chair for the Global Summit on Chatbots and Voice last year. This international event wasn't just a platform for me to host; it was an opportunity to lead the main stage, where I facilitated panel discussions and managed Q&A sessions, delving into the intricacies of conversational AI with global experts. This role underscored my ability to seamlessly connect diverse perspectives, guiding the dialogue to ensure it was as enlightening as it was engaging.

Adding to this, my upcoming role at this year's IHR (In-House Recruitment) Live events across Birmingham, Manchester, London, and Bristol promises to be equally stimulating. Here, I'll be hosting the innovation competitions, overseeing the competition stage, managing the judging process, and conducting Q&A sessions. These events are pivotal for spotlighting groundbreaking recruitment technologies, where my role enables me to foster a critical dialogue on the future of hiring, directly engaging with innovators and industry leaders alike.

These experiences, from webinars to international summits, highlight my capability to bridge the gap between technology and its practical application in the business world. They reflect not just a deep understanding of the subject matter but also a passion for bringing people together to explore, learn, and inspire one another.


Sales Literacy: Driving Opportunities and Nurturing Pipelines

A pivotal aspect of my professional journey has been my ability to drive sales opportunities and effectively manage the sales pipeline across diverse markets. With a solid foundation in both B2B and B2C sales strategies, my tenure as the Sales Director for EMEA at RoboRecruiter and as a Strategic Account Executive at Heyday by Hootsuite has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of how to engage with various sales channels, including direct sales, partnerships and resellers.

At RoboRecruiter, my leadership in developing and executing sales strategies led to substantial revenue growth, cementing the company's position in the competitive landscape of recruitment technology. This role demanded a keen insight into market trends, an innovative approach to engagement, and the ability to foster lasting relationships with major companies across the globe.

Similarly, my role at Heyday by Hootsuite allowed me to delve deep into the Conversational AI space, introducing this cutting-edge product to the UK and Northern European markets. The challenge here was not just about selling a product but about educating the market on the strategic significance of Conversational AI platforms. This required a blend of technical knowledge, market insight, and the ability to articulate complex concepts in a manner that resonated with a diverse range of stakeholders, from technical teams to executive boards.

These experiences have honed my skills in identifying new sales opportunities, cultivating strategic partnerships, and advancing prospects through the sales pipeline. My approach has always been to understand deeply the needs and challenges of potential clients, enabling me to tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.


In transitioning to the role at Reality Labs, I aim to leverage this rich sales experience to further drive innovation and adoption in immersive technologies and AI. The goal is clear: to create new opportunities and facilitate the journey of prospects through the sales pipeline, ensuring that every interaction moves us closer to a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our daily lives to enhance connectivity and collaboration.

Building Engaged Communities Through Knowledge Sharing

A pivotal element of my approach to building communities lies in leveraging the power of knowledge sharing and continuous engagement. This is vividly demonstrated through my stewardship of two distinct newsletters, each serving as a cornerstone for community engagement within the realms of AI and Conversational AI.

Own the Conversation

"Own the Conversation" is more than just a newsletter; it's a knowledge bank for professionals navigating careers in Conversational AI, boasting a subscription base of 3,250 individuals. Through this platform, I offer a blend of insights, from practical advice on job searching and applications to sharing a continuously updated list of opportunities available on my job board, Bot Jobs. The essence of this newsletter is further enriched by a series of 44 blog posts that I crafted over the past year, each dissecting various facets of Conversational AI careers, thus fostering a community well-informed and engaged with the latest industry trends and opportunities.

Substack Blog Cover (1).png

H.A.I.R (AI in HR)


H.A.I.R stands as a testament to the intersection of AI and HR, a weekly newsletter that plays on AI's role in human resources with a name juxtaposed against my own lack of hair. With 1,740 subscribers, H.A.I.R is dedicated to educating HR leaders on the nuances of Conversational and Generative AI. Each issue is a carefully curated mix of my personal narratives and opinions on AI developments, alongside noteworthy news and updates from the AI world, including crucial regulatory changes. This newsletter serves as a platform for HR professionals to stay ahead of the curve, fostering a community keen on integrating AI into the fabric of human resources.

Through "Own the Conversation" and "H.A.I.R," my aim has been to cultivate spaces where learning, dialogue, and growth thrive. These newsletters are not merely channels for dissemination but are the bedrock upon which engaged and informed communities are built. As I look towards contributing to Reality Labs, these experiences underscore my commitment to not just embracing technology but fostering an ecosystem where knowledge is shared, questions are encouraged, and collective progress is made.

Transitioning to Reality Labs

My journey through the worlds of AI, Conversational Technology, and event facilitation has been incredibly rewarding. However, I am now eager to leverage this wealth of experience in a role that has a broader impact on the future of technology and human connection. Joining Reality Labs as the EMEA Head of Executive Solutions represents an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to building the world’s next computing platform in a way that all of my unique skills and experiences can come together within. My vision aligns with Reality Labs' mission to break down barriers and create a world where technology enhances human potential and connectivity. This role offers the perfect platform to apply my experiences and expertise, drive innovation, and shape the future of immersive technology in ways that bring people closer together, irrespective of physical distance.

I can't tell you how excited I am to find a role that ticks all my boxes and is the wonderfully serendipitous amalgamation of doing something that I am passionate about in a way that excites me.

I truly hope that you'll extend the opportunity to take me forward in this process.

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